External jalousie

External (façade) jalousie are a solution whose popularity is steadily growing both among customers implementing individual investments and those ones seeking products for public or service facilities. The use of external jalousie as elements of the façade of the building gives its structure the feeling of lightness. The product is dedicated in particular to the facilities with a large area of windows or glass façades.

The façade jalousie are mounted on the external side of the building. The aluminium tracks in which casings are mounted ensure the stability of jalousie in wind and additionally increase the security level.

Why choose external jalousie?

Their most important advantages include, inter alia:

  • high quality and functionality guaranteeing aesthetic appearance and stability
  • temperature control and protection properties
  • option to adjust the amount of light which enters the rooms
  • option to lift and lower as well as to change a shutter inclination angle
  • light and simple aluminium design
  • possibility of modern fit-out of the building

External jalousie shutter types:

Shutters are a key element of jalousie influencing first of all their final appearance. The shutters, i.e. aluminium elements with a defined shape, which form the jalousie curtain. The shutters in two shapes and widths are available:

The external jalousie allow creating an optimal environment in terms of lightning and thermal conditions in the building interior. The shutters, due to a free angle inclination control option, allow adjusting the desired degree of darkness in the rooms, creating a pleasant interior climate, while reflecting the most of sunlight. The jalousie allow reducing air conditioning costs and in addition to the shading and protection functions the external jalousie ensure a modern fit-out of the building.

External jalousie systems:

DAKO offers two variants of façade jalousie that allow using solutions in two installation options.

Control options:

The smooth operation allows the jalousie to be comfortably opened and closed in the range of 90° or 180° and allows the degree of light transmission inside the building to be comfortably adjusted as well. The jalousie can be lifted and lowered and the shutter inclination angle can be changed.

The external jalousie can be controlled:

  • manually (with the use of cardan gear),
  • automatically – with the use of electric motors located centrally in the upper trough (available options: Somfy cable motor, Somfy radio motor, Somfy IO radio motor)

Colours of shutters:

A diverse palette of colouristic options allows for giving the products an individual style, highlighting the nature of the investment. The jalousie shutters are available in the following colours:

Anthracite grey RAL 7016

Agate grey RAL 7038

Brown RAL 8014

Black RAL 9005

Silver RAL 9006

Pearl silver RAL 9007

White RAL 9016

Dark grey DB703