Smart Home is a system enabling the programming and control of any electric motor driven equipment installed at home. The surveillance systems are programmed as needed by the users, which enables customising the parameters to the lifestyle and individual preferences of any house inhabitants. The Smart Home System increases the house safety, facilitates daily functioning and reduces the house operating costs.

DAKO-SMART HOME is an intelligent system of controlling devices installed at home by remote control modules. The system is controlled by a control panel equipped with an easy to read and user friendly graphic interface.
DAKO-SMART HOME System is based on Z-Wave technology. Owing to the connection of the central unit to the Internet, the system enables the control from any location in the world. The system can be operated by remote controls, smartphones with a dedicated app as well as by PC or a tablet

DAKO-SMART HOME System connection scheme

The system is programmed by means of a PC or any other device online that has a dedicated controlling app installed. Owing to the two-way communication DAKO-SMART HOME System shall inform us about the current status of all the devices connected to the controlling panel. When we are away from home we can learn, for example, if the garage door is closed and what the positions of external roller shutters are. DAKO-SMART HOME System is compatible with most smartphones available on the market, offering the freedom of control and communication.