Dako Smart Control

Intelligent house management systems enable comfortable, central and cordless controlling of the electric devices at home, in the company, in the office, at school and in other places as well as they provide an access to the information concerning device status.

Possibility of managing the system by use of computers, tablets and smartphones connected to the Internet provides full control over the house from any place on Earth.

The innovative centre allows to integrate the automatic control of domestic devices in one handy unit of wirelessly managing system controlled with smartphone or tablet. The system is characterised by easy installation and provides great flexibility in terms of configuration allowing for controlling, e.g. roller blinds and garage doors. The intuitive application for system service is available free of charge.

Capabilities of the system:

  • Opening and closing of garage doors and roller blinds
  • Control over textile roller blinds, awnings, watering system, garden and house lighting
  • Possibility of getting feedback for devices designed in two-way technology

DAKO Smart Control System connection scheme


  • Remote control with smartphone or tablet by use of special application
  • Fast and intuitive scenarios programming due to which, for example, roller blinds can be opened at any time of the day or on certain days of the week
  • Possibility to control the centre from any place on the world due to Internet connection