DAKO Smart Connect System

Smart Home is a system enabling the programming and control of any electric motor driven equipment installed at home. The surveillance systems are programmed as needed by the users, which enables customising the parameters to the lifestyle and individual preferences of any house inhabitants. The Smart Home System increases the house safety, facilitates daily functioning and reduces the house operating costs.

DAKO Smart Connect System enables the control of garage doors and external roller shutters produced by DAKO and equipped with electric drives. The operation of DAKO Smart Connect central unit is possible by means of a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. The central unit is connected via Internet with a server that can be contacted online anytime from any location all around the world.
After logging to the system, you can control all the household devices connected to the DAKO Smart Connect system. Any message sent to the central unit immediately results in the command execution and sending feedback to the user with the current device status.

Scheme of DAKO Smart Connect System connection to DAKO Products

DAKO Smart Connect Central Unit enables fast access via Internet to all the system functions. Owing to the option of using mobile devices with screens, the system programming and control are extremely simple.