We act safely

For your safety and due to the restrictions introduced to limit the spread of coronavirus, we encourage you to stay at home in accordance with government recommendations during this time and to use contact via the internet regarding offers and pricing of DAKO products without leaving home.

offer and valuation
We can prepare a DAKO offer for you remotely. Call or send us an email – you can discuss all the details of the order with your adviser, without leaving your home.
Safe measurement
and installation
Assemblers equipped with personal protective equipment can measure and install in safe conditions and at a convenient time.
How to make an online valuation?

Preparation of DAKO product valuation and order processing is handled by our specialists, who can be contacted by e-mail or via the form on the website.

In order to prepare a realistic quote, the seller needs to know some detailed information about the selected products, such as their dimensions, colours, equipment (e.g. with panes and accessories) or the chosen system and expected functionalities.

  • The basis for determining the individual products dimensions can also be a house design with the dimensioning.
  • When sending a quote request, it is worth giving a phone number which will allow the person preparing the quote to contact you if it is necessary to clarify the details of the order.
  • The final valuation is also affected by whether we choose the option with or without the assembly.
Thank you for your interest in our products.