Composition Taida | PVC

Composition Taida | PVC

Noble, metallic luster lost in fashionable shades of charming but unobtrusive grey.

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Specification of products

Garage door

Panel GP
Internal colour White (RAL 9002)
Description from outside: applications made of mat and brushed stainless steel
Dimensions 5000 / 2100 mm


Material PVC
Thickness 82 mm
Description Application made of brushed and mat stainless steel; standard glass
Grip Q-10 L=1600 mm
Dimensions 1100 / 2105 mm


Material PVC
Thickness 82 mm
Series DPQ-82 Thermo
Dimensions 1500 / 1500 mm

Roller blinds

Dimensions 1500 / 1665 mm

Proposed composition of products includes the indicated types of products, in the indicated colors and sizes, equipped with the specified accessories. Making individual modifications take into consideration that they can have an impact on the final look of the whole set.